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Welcome to the home of palisade and security fencing.

Sharp Metal Pressings makes palisade fencing, razor spikes, pool fencing, fast fencing, shadeports, greenhouse tunnels and geodesic domes. Sharp Metal Pressings can supply any type of steel palisade within 10 working days. Due to the modular nature of the product and our flexible manufacturing capability, almost any specification can be provided to suit your needs.

Why choose Sharp Metal?

  • Widest range of designs and specifications in the market.
  • Best palisade fence prices.
  • Quick turn around on manufacture of custom security fencing.
  • Unrivalled service from design to deliver

Palisade Fencing
Our palisade fencing comes in Super Econo, Econo, Commercial and Industrial specifications.

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Drawings can be viewed here.


Palisade Panel Cad Drawing.jpg

Razor Spikes

Attractive, less obtrusive alternative to razor wire, will secure your walls.
Sharp Metal makes: Tiger Spike, Sabre Spike, Spear Spike, Pre-cast Spike and the Imperial Spike.
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Razor Spike

Pool Fencing
Pool fencing consistent with SABS standards is essential to the safety of children around pools.
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Pool Fence

Fast Fencing / Speed Fencing /Temporary Fencing / Crowd Control Fencing
Crowds and building sites are easily protected with our range of temporary fencing Panels.

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Carports  / Shadeports / Cantilever Carports / Cantilever Shadeports
Innovatively designed cantilever carports will enhance your car park.
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Wind resistant and structurally sound greenhouses to suit any crop.

8x30 Tunnel

Geodesic Domes
Attractive structures
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Closed fom 12th December to 12 January 2015

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